Year in review 2021

Top 10 most read articles of the year 2021

As the impact of coronavirus across the patent world becomes ever clearer, so too is the outcome of the ongoing debate over the Unified Patent Court - now likely to begin in earnest over the coming months. JUVE Patent's top 10 most read articles of the year 2021 reflect the community's interest in the subject, with the new 'UPC ticker' making the list. In terms of solid cases, however, cigarette technology and A(AAA)SIs are piquing our readers' interest. Elsewhere on the list is the ongoing showdown between BASF and UK mixed firm Carpmaels, and the German connected cars dispute finally reaching toward a conclusion.

29 December 2021 by Amy Sandys

Top ten most read cases, 2021 JUVE Patent rounds up its top ten most-read cases of 2021 ©fizkes/ADOBE STOCK