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JUVE Patent’s UK research explained

Recommendations are the most important component of JUVE Patent’s rankings. In 2019, our five-strong editorial team collected almost 1,400 individual recommendations from across Europe. Many came from in-house representatives. This year, JUVE Patent spoke intensively with international mobile communications companies. Discussions with in-house attorneys also have a significant influence on our rankings. Read a more in-depth overview about our research criteria here and here.

International perspective

Many of the recommendations gathered by JUVE Patent are international. For example, patent attorneys may recommend other patent attorneys from different nations due to work at the European Patent Office. Solicitors and barristers are also known across several jurisdictions for their work in cross-border cases.

JUVE Patent received a total of 411 recommendations for barristers, solicitors and patent attorneys in the UK.

A closer look

To obtain a deeper knowledge of the legal practices unique to the UK, JUVE Patent contacted approximately 100 patent firms in the UK with written questions. Furthermore, barrister sets, law firms and patent attorney firms were contacted, resulting in 40 in-depth research meetings. The aim of these discussions was to gain insight into the cases and to collect recommendations.

Part of our year-round research on the European patent market, especially in the UK, includes researching and publishing articles on court cases, staff moves and legal developments. In 2019 JUVE Patent published 60 articles related to the UK patent market. Detailed reports on court cases and the legal representatives involved make up 26 of these.

In addition, we spoke with key representatives of the UK’s patent courts. The High Court, Court of Appeal and Supreme Court court diaries were also another important source of information, and were researched extensively. JUVE Patent also conducted thorough research into the EPO’s register.

However, this year cases before the Intellectual Property Enterprise Court (IPEC) did not form part of our research.

To read the JUVE Patent UK market analysis in full, please visit the litigation and prosecution firms page.