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About Dr. Arwed Burrichter

Dr. Arwed Burrichter is a patent attorney and partner at COHAUSZ & FLORACK, advising leading international companies in the chemistry and life sciences sector. He holds a doctorate in chemistry and provides counselling on patents and licenses, particularly in the fields of chemistry & life sciences, pharmaceutical chemistry, polymer chemistry and biochemistry, and advises clients on the development of their intellectual property portfolios. Arwed Burrichter has extensive expertise and years of experience in infringement litigation, design protection and trademark portfolio management.

After studying chemistry in Bonn and Los Angeles, Arwed Burrichter received his doctorate in hydrocarbon chemistry from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles in 1997 under Nobel Laureate George A. Olah. After completing his training as a patent attorney, he worked for a renowned New York patent law firm. He has been admitted as a German Patent Attorney since 2000 and as a representative before the European Patent Office since 2002.

Arwed Burrichter speaks German, English and French.

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Dr. Arwed Burrichter


Bleichstraße 14
40211 Düsseldorf

+49 211 904900