Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property appoints new IP head

In early July, Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property made patent attorney Stephan Kohlhof head of its Elevator Technology IP team. Thyssenkrupp bundles all of its IP issues into this company. The managing director is Stephan Wolke.

22 July 2019 by Christina Schulze

Stephan Kohlhof is the new head of Thyssenkrupp's Elevator Technology IP team ©tiero/ADOBE STOCK

Stephan Kohlhof is an engineer in mechatronics. He moved to Thyssenkrupp in 2015. Before his appointment as IP head at Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property, he was a salary partner at what used to be Braun-Dullaeus Pannen before the firm joined forces with Friedrich Emmerling six months ago.

Stephan Kohlhof, Thyssenkrupp

Stephan Kohlhof

German industrial group Thyssenkrupp has invested heavily in IP over the past year, particularly in its increase in patent applications. Kohlhof played a particular role in building up the patent portfolio for the company’s multi lifts. As the world’s first rope-free lift, the linear motors allow multiple cars to travel vertically in a single shaft.

Kohlhof was also part of the team advising on the purchase of the Intelligent Gate Systems. The company is a division of the Swedish FMT Group.