JUVE Patent rankings 2021

Video: JUVE Patent’s Germany ranking 2021

JUVE Patent's Germany ranking 2021 reflects how the country's firms and lawyers have reacted to the latest developments in the German legal market. This year, connected cars and FRAND proceedings were key drivers, with numerous anti-suit injunctions also presenting a challenge to the country's courts. In terms of new cases, mobile communications disputes led the way. But there are also still many unanswered questions about FRAND and licensing. Mathieu Klos and Christina Schulze present a detailed overview in the latest ranking video.

29 October 2021 by Christina Schulze

JUVE Patent's Germany ranking JUVE Patent co-editors Christina Schulze and Mathieu Klos report in detail on the latest trends and developments in the patent market, in JUVE Patent's Germany ranking 2021 ©JUVE Patent

In JUVE Patent’s Germany ranking 2021, Christina Schulze and Mathieu Klos present the latest development in the German patent market.


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JUVE Patent’s Germany ranking 2021 overview

In many mobile communications suits, market-leading litigation firms such as Wildanger and Quinn Emanuel were particularly visible in Germany. Freshfields continued its ascent into the group of German market leaders. It litigated for Continental as Daimler’s most important intervener in the connected cars disputes, and worked for Xiaomi and Facebook in major mobile communications battles. Freshfields and other firms are also positioning themselves on the side of implementers.

Market leader Hoyng ROKH Monégier is now consistently seen fighting for Huawei and Intel. Other firms represent SEP holders, such as Arnold Ruess and Bird & Bird for Nokia.

This segmentation is also increasing among the leading patent attorney firms. Cohausz & Florack, df-mp and Eisenführ have clearly sided with SEP holders. But Maikowski & Ninnemann and Vossius & Partner work exclusively for implementers. Only a few firms, such as Bardehle and Samson & Partner, balance representing both sides.

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