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Amar Goussu Staub – France 2023

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The well-positioned small IP boutique has made a name for itself through high-profile litigation in the field of telecoms and electronics. Clients and competitors alike commend name partner Cyrille Amar’s experience and visibility in FRAND cases. One competitor described him as a “litigator with finesse and great under pressure”, while a client praised his good work in licensing and essentiality cases. Amar attracted much attention for his work for standard-setting organisation ETSI, which he represented for the third time within a short period in a dispute between its members. The much-observed lawsuit between Philips and Thales centres on the ETSI rules of procedure. The team also brought Amar’s vast experience in SEP disputes into play when developing a research tool that clients can use to search for specific SEPs. Alongside the established focus on digital technology, the small IP boutique is active for clients from a variety of sectors, such as C2F and Medtrum in the medical devices sector.

On the downside, the firm lost partner Jean-Francois Guillot, who is experienced in IP and patent litigation and left to set up his own firm. In view of the UPC’s tight deadline regime, Amar Goussu Staub could do with raising its headcount, despite recently joining forces with EIP.


Litigation regarding mobile communication patents, including FRAND.

European set-up

In setting up EIP Amar, a UPC alliance with British-German-Scandinavian firm EIP, Amar Goussu Staub has taken its first step towards positioning itself internationally for the new court. This makes the IP boutique one of the first independent French firms to enter into a formal partnership for the UPC, while many traditional national outfits are being more cautious and opting instead for non-exclusive networks. Amar Goussu Staub is experienced in international proceedings and has worked on the French part of pan-European cases for Ericsson and LG in the past. It was the cross-border teamwork in the case for Sonos against Google that marked the first cooperation with EIP.

With offices in Düsseldorf, Paris and Stockholm, the new EIP Amar combines experience at three important UPC locations. EIP also brings its well-established mixed approach with lawyers and patent atorneys into the alliance, which Amar Goussu Staub will be able to draw on in the future. Litigating regularly before the Paris courts, the French firm is present in a central venue for the UPC. Teaming up with EIP will give Amar Goussu Staub access to important courts for SEPs, not only in continental Europe but also in London.

Recommended individuals

Cyrille Amar (“does a good job, especially in cases concerning conditions for licensing and essentiality”, client; “very good and visible in FRAND cases”, competitor)


4 lawyers

Partner moves

Jean-Francois Guillot (to JFG Avocats)


Patent litigation and advice, including on licensing and FTO, as well as the IP side of transactions, historically with a strong focus on mobile communications. Also arbitration concerning patents.


Litigation: ETSI (co-defendant) in Philips against Xiaomi (settled in 2022) and Thales over questions of responsibility towards ETSI members; Sonos (defendant) against Google and Nest over patents for the control of sound systems via mobile phone; Fabrice Visocekas (claimant) against Vicat over method of producing low-carbon concrete; C2F (claimant) against United Orthopedic over prosthetic knees.