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Orckit IP wins infringement suit against Adtran

Düsseldorf Regional Court found US software and hardware manufacturer Adtran has infringed a network technology patent owned by Tel Aviv-based patent holder Orckit IP. As a result, Adtran may not sell the affected products on the German market (case ID: 4c 29/18).

16 July 2019 by Konstanze Richter

Orckit IP Düsseldorf Regional Court has found a network technology patent held by Orckit IP to be infringed ©kentoh/ADOBE STOCK

The patent subject to the dispute is EP 1 974 485 B1. The patent protects VPLS failure protection in ring networks, a technology Adtran uses in some of its products.

In May 2018, Orckit IP filed a lawsuit against Adtran seeking injunctive relief, rendering of information and accounts, as well as damages. Now Adtran may appeal the judgment.

Thomas Lynker, Taliens, Orckit IP

Thomas Lynker

Based in Israel, Orckit IP emerged from a management buy-out of Orckit Corrigent, a network and telecommunications solutions developer disbanded in 2015. Subsequently, Orckit IP took over the insolvent company’s patent portfolio.

Adtran, based in Alabama, is a provider of network and communications equipment. As well as voice and data technology, the US company also produces solutions for video and internet communications across a variety of network infrastructures.

After filing the first lawsuit regarding EP 1 974 485 B1, Orckit IP extended the lawsuit by another patent. The oral hearing in the case is expected in spring 2020. Currently, there are no pending parallel nullity suits.

Integrated networks

Arno Riße, Arnold Ruess, Orckit IP

Arno Riße

The relationship between Orckit IP and Taliens has existed since Taliens was in its infancy. However, this is the first infringement case that the Munich IP boutique has conducted for the Israeli client.

Arnold Ruess also has a long-standing client relationship with Adtran. The Düsseldorf-based IP boutique advised the US company on IP issues as early as 2012 when it acquired Nokia Siemens Networks’ broadband business.

Furthermore, cooperation with patent attorney Roland Brachmann is also long established. Recently, Arnold Ruess partner Arno Riße advised Polaris on a licensing agreement with US technology company Nvidia.

For Orckit IP
Taliens (Munich): Thomas Lynker, Thomas Reithmann

For Adtran
Arnold Ruess (Düsseldorf): Arno Riße (lead), Bernhard Arnold; associate: Lisa Schneider
Lieres Brachmann Schulze (Munich): Roland Brachmann

Regional Court Düsseldorf, Civil Chamber 4c (4cO39/16)
Sabine Klepsch (presiding judge)