New chief IP counsel at Leica Microsystems

Patent attorney Stefan Recknagel (36) is new chief IP counsel at Leica Microsystems, a German company specialising in microscopes and microscopy equipment. Recknagel took up the role previously held by Tony Afram in early February. The position had been vacant since spring 2018 when Afram left Leica Microsystems to set up his own company.

18 February 2019 by Konstanze Richter

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Stefan Recknagel, Leica Microsystems

Stefan Recknagel, chief IP counsel at Leica Microsystems

Recknagel has been with Leica Microsystems since October 2018, most recently as senior IP counsel. He was previously senior IP counsel at Huawei Technologies.

Recknagel joined Huawei in September 2013 after completing his training at Munich patent attorney firm Schoppe, Zimmermann, Stöckeler, Zinkler Schenk, and after being admitted to practice as a German patent attorney. One year later, Recknagel was admitted to practice as a European patent attorney.

Engineering aptitude

Recknagel’s work at Huawei was strongly influenced by litigation. He was part of the in-house team working with external law firms such as Preu Bohlig & Partner on the proceedings against Unwired Planet and Intellectual Ventures. As a qualified engineer Recknagel could put his know-how in computer engineering and software to good use – his work as a patent attorney focused on the introduction of the new 5G mobile radio standard.

In his role at Leica Microsystems, Recknagel is responsible for both patents and trademarks, which account for a large proportion of the IP department’s work. He reports directly to general counsel Marcela Kirberger, who has headed the legal department of Leica Microsystems since the end of 2017.

Recknagel’s former role as senior IP counsel for medical care is currently still vacant, but set to be filled shortly.