Munich boutique Betten & Resch hires new partner from Paris

IP boutique Betten & Resch has bolstered its patent litigation team with Christoph Hewel, a patent attorney from Paris firm Beau de Lomenie. Hewel returns to Bavaria after several years in Paris and joins Betten & Resch as partner. His specialisations include artificial intelligence and medical devices.

29 April 2020 by Konstanze Richter

Bettner & Resch Patent attorney Christoph Hewel returns to Munich after several years at Parisian firm Beau de Lomenie ©Roman Babakin/ADOBE STOCK

Christoph Hewel (38) has joined Betten & Resch with many years experience in major telecommunications cases. Alongside Vossius partner Andreas Kramer, Hewel advised co-claimant Wiko in the Philips vs. Google dispute over rotating displays for smartphone screens. He laid the foundation for this specialisation at the beginning of his career at international law firm Bird & Bird.

At Bird & Bird, Hewel also specialised in patent litigation. He worked closely with Friedrich Emmerling, a well-known patent litigator who was a partner in the Munich office of Bird & Bird during Hewel’s tenure. Emmerling joined Betten & Resch for a few months in 2015, following his departure from Bird & Bird.

City of lights to Betten & Resch

Betten & Resch, Christoph Hewel

Christoph Hewel

Around this time, Hewel moved to Paris for personal reasons, joining renowned firm Beau de Lomenie.

Here, he continued to advise on patent litigation in telecommunications for client Wiko among others. At the same time, Hewel focused on patenting inventions in artificial intelligence, in particular application of the technology in understanding and processing language. For this, Hewel partnered with various research institutions in Germany and France.

Hewel plans to continue the AI specialisation at Betten & Resch, working closely with partner Christoph von Praun who specialises in computer-implemented inventions and blockchain. Hewel’s addition takes Betten & Resch’s patent team to eleven patent attorneys. Of this, seven are partners.

Up the ranks

Cabinet Beau de Lomenie is one of the most renowned patent attorney firms in France. Its attorneys are recommended for digital communications and computer technology, as well as chemistry, pharmaceuticals, electronics and mechanics.

Following Hewel’s departure, the firm now has 40 European patent attorneys at four offices in France, two offices in Germany and one office in the UK. Many of the patent attorneys are also qualified as national patent attorneys. In the Beau de Lomenie team, partner and patent attorney François Delumeau is mainly responsible for advising on artificial intelligence.

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Update 11.01.2023: After just under three years, Christoph Hewel has left the firm Betten Resch again. At the beginning of 2023 he joined Paustian & Partner. The latter is also based in Munich and, like Hewel, has a strong focus on the mobile communications industry. However, Hewel will not initially join as partner.

JUVE Patent updated this article on 11.01.2023 to reflect the latest developments.