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Huber+Suhner enforces utility model in train wifi antennas dispute

Huber+Suhner has enforced a utility model at the Düsseldorf Regional Court, securing a competitive advantage for retrofitting and equipping German trains with wifi. The Swiss company, as well as US manufacturer Maxtena, supply the required antenna technology.

21 September 2021 by Christina Schulze

Huber+Suhner, Maxtena Uninterrupted wifi is slowly becoming the standard on trains in Germany. Huber+Suhner and Maxtena are the main competitors for retrofitting and equipping trains with the corresponding antennas. ©Mariia Korneeva/ADOBE STOCK

Düsseldorf Regional Court has upheld a utility model infringement action brought by Swiss rights holder Huber+Suhner against US competitor Maxtena, and Düsseldorf-based distribution company Karl Kruse. Now, accessing the internet during a train ride without loss of connection is increasingly common in Germany.

The case concerns a technology for antennas that sit on the roof of trains, stabilising the wifi connection for passengers during the journey. Huber+Suhner is the owner of utility model DE 20 2015 009 331 U1. The defendants were the US manufacturer Maxtena and the Düsseldorf-based franchise dealer for electronic components, Karl Kruse.

According to JUVE Patent information, there are no further pending proceedings internationally.

Relying on regulars


Roland Küppers

Huber+Suhner regularly instructs mixed Swiss law firm Rentsch Partner for its entire IP portfolio. The firm informally cooperates with Taylor Wessing in several IP cases.

Karl Kruse retained Alexander Haertel of Bardehle Pagenberg. The German electronic components retailer is one of the clients Haertel brought with him when he moved from Düsseldorf boutique Kather Augenstein to mixed firm Bardehle Pagenberg in summer 2020.

US manufacturer Maxtena regularly instructs Michael Nielen of Maucher Jenkins in Freiburg and patent attorney Thomas Körfer
from Mitscherlich in Munich.

Alexander Haertel

Alexander Haertel

For Huber+Suhner
Taylor Wessing (Düsseldorf): Roland Küppers (lead), Nora Wessendorf
Rentsch Partner (Zurich): Louis Lagler (patent attorney)

For Maxtena
Maucher Jenkins (Freiburg): Michael Nielen
Mitscherlich (Munich): Thomas Körfer (patent attorney)

For Karl Kruse
Bardehle Pagenberg (Düsseldorf): Alexander Haertel (lead); associate: Rebekka Jeschke

Regional Court Düsseldorf, 4b
Daniel Voss (presiding judge), Lena Gräwe, Antje Gruneberg