JUVE Awards 2018

Breakthrough in pharma cases

Bardehle Pagenberg wins the award for JUVE IP Law Firm of the Year 2018 with an impressive victory for Amgen in the pharmaceuticals sector, and an outstanding year for its trademark and design lawyers.

3 December 2018 by Mathieu Klos

Theo Koll, Laura Di Gregorio, JUVE Awards Claus Eckhartt (right) accepts the award on behalf of Bardehle Pagenberg from German newsreader Theo Koll and Laura Di Gregorio (This Century's Review) at the Frankfurt Opera House

Bardehle Pagenberg

It’s one highlight after another for this Munich team. Whether it’s Nintendo, Galana or Mondelez, the trademark and design specialists have battled many precedent cases at the highest courts. Besides the two senior partners Henning Hartwig and Claus Eckhartt, Bardehle has also lined up the next generation with Philipe Kutschke and Pascal Böhner.

The patent litigation team also showed its strength in numerous mobile telecommunications suits and made inroads into high-stakes pharmaceuticals litigation with its win for Amgen. New arrival Peter Chrocziel not only brought good contacts with Audi and Microsoft, but also important know-how in antitrust law.


Also nominated


Young partners Nicolás Schmitz and Holger Gauss are actively extending their radius in trademarks and unfair competition, having established good contacts to luxury goods producers. The patent team made a breakthrough with its work for Broadcom in the high-profile proceedings over connected cars.

Hoyng ROKH Monegier

The German trademark and patent lawyers are increasingly benefitting from the firm’s international footing, currently representing ASML and Carl Zeiss throughout Europe in a suit brought by Nikon. The team turned heads when it was retained by Apple for the first time, as well as for its work in the precedent case surrounding the drug Truvada.


JUVE Awards, Frankfurt Opera House

The prestigious JUVE award is presented every year in October at the Frankfurt Opera House

SKW Schwarz

The trademarks and unfair competition practice around Magnus Hirsch profits from strong internal collaboration. The team enjoys increasingly close ties to the IT and media lawyers and impresses with innovative clients such as Friendscout24 and a platform for urban mobility concepts.

Vossius & Partner

This mixed firm focuses consistently on litigation. The trademark lawyers won success in China for Xaomi, while the patent lawyers’ work for ZTE smoothed Vossius’ way into the mobile telecom sector. The biotech team also plays a key role, particularly concerning the genome editing technology CRISPR.

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