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29 April 2022 by Amy Sandys

in-house patent JUVE Patent's in-house patent news ticker aims to consolidate Europe's major patent news into one hub ©NDABCREATIVITY/ADOBE STOCK


Volkswagen appoints new head of IP

Silke Reinhold is to become the new head of IP at Volkswagen, succeeding Uwe Wiesner who will retire in June 2022. Reinhold is taking over the IP department at a time of profound transformation for Germany’s largest car maker.




IP nominees for JUVE Awards Germany 2021 revealed

JUVE has announced the shortlist for the JUVE Awards Germany 2021, including the nominees for JUVE IP Law Firm of the Year and IP In-house Team of the Year. This year the JUVE Awards will be presented via livestream under the motto “back to live.” On 28 October, the legal community can celebrate the winners at the Frankfurt Opera House or watch the whole ceremony unfold live on

Under the motto “back to live”, the German legal community can once again celebrate the winners of this year’s JUVE Awards in person at the Frankfurt Opera House or via livestream ©JUVE


Roman Bonn: “The issue of SEP licences is by no means off the table”

Following Nokia’s connected cars settlement with Daimler, German auto supplier Continental announced its intention to proceed with its lawsuit against the SEP owner. In an interview with JUVE Patent, Roman Bonn, senior VP intellectual property at Continental, explains the reasons behind this decision.

Read the full interview with Continental on JUVE Patent.


Jörg Thomaier: “A company must have the right to show up at the EPO”

The EPO’s decision to allow compulsory video hearings has caused controversy among some parties. Among them is Bayer, which filed an amicus curiae brief to the Boards of Appeal in response to the G 1/21 hearing. JUVE Patent spoke to Jörg Thomaier, head of IP at the life sciences conglomerate, to hear his suggestions about how the EPO could handle oral proceedings in the future.

Read the full interview with Bayer on JUVE Patent.



IPCom moves global patent litigation role in-house

IPCom has named patent attorney Edward Tomlinson as its new head of global IP and litigation at its Munich headquarters. His appointment is part of a wider shift by IPCom, to move its patent practice in-house.




JUVE Awards names Knorr-Bremse as IP In-house Team of the Year

In a corona-compliant video awards ceremony, JUVE named Knorr-Bremse as its In-house IP Team of the Year. A trophy was also awarded to an outstanding German IP Law Firm of the Year 2020.


Knorr-Bremse picked up the award for IP In-House Team of the Year JUVE Awards 2020 ©JUVE


Interroll hires IP head from Thyssenkrup

Thyssenkrupp Elevator’s previous head of IP, Stephan Kohlhof, is moving to the same position at Swiss company Interroll. The European patent attorney now heads the IP department at Interroll, which manufactures conveyor belts for the transport of products.


IPCom undergoes major management restructure 

Bernhard Frohwitter has left non-practising entity, IPCom. His successor as managing director is Pio Suh. The change in management is being accompanied by a comprehensive reorganisation of the company’s structure.


Thyssenkrupp Elevator to manage IP business independently

In 2020, Thyssenkrupp officially completed the spinoff of its elevator division. Now Thyssenkrupp Elevator AG is managing its own IP business. Nicolas Jacobi is responsible for patents, while Melanie Fischer-Endlich is responsible for soft IP.


Liu Zhen: “We will not bend to intimidation from NPEs” 

As Xiaomi expands westwards, protecting its patents in Europe is essential to the company’s developing IP strategy. Liu Zhen, senior legal director and head of global litigation at Xiaomi, speaks to JUVE Patent about Xiaomi’s patent prosecution and litigation strategies, its approach to risk management, and why Xiaomi is still optimistic for a functioning UPC.

Read the full interview with Xiaomi on JUVE Patent.


Jörg Thomaier: “G 3/19 was a 100% political decision”

With G 3/19, the Enlarged Board of Appeal confirmed a decision that plants and animals derived from an ‘essentially biological process’ are not patentable. But this has caused controversy. Jörg Thomaier, head of IP at life sciences conglomerate Bayer, explained to JUVE Patent how the new regulation could curtail innovation in European agriculture.

Read the full interview with Bayer on JUVE Patent.


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