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Patentwerk – Netherlands 2021

JUVE Comment

This small patent attorney firm has a good reputation for patent prosecution involving chemicals and mechanics patents. When it comes to the latter, law firms like to call on Bas Langenhuijsen in patent disputes before the Dutch patent courts for his litigation experience and technical support.

Patentwerk is less visible than NLO, V.O. and De Vries & Metman in big-ticket litigation for major industrial corporates; it is recommended rather for its work for SMEs and venture capital investors. With only eight patent attorneys, Patentwerk is the smallest of the major Dutch patent attorney firms.


Patent disputes conducted by patent attorneys regarding mechanical engineering.

European strategy

Outside the Netherlands the firm has no other offices in major patent jurisdictions.

Recommended individuals

Bas Langenhuijsen (“excellent litigation support on technical issues”, “good client approach”, both competitors; chemistry, mechanics, process and mechanical engineering)


8 patent attorneys


Full service in IP with a stong focus on patents. Mainly patent prosecution. Litigation together with external lawyers. IP for start-ups and VC investors.


Litigation: Royal Floraholland (defendant) against Floration Europe regarding storage technology for flowers. Prosecution: patent filing: Aichi Corp., Champion Link, Crypto Lab, Haier group, I4F Licensing, KCC Corporation, Radie, The Antenna Company, Tocal Meditech (all public knowledge).