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NLO – Netherlands 2020

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This patent attorney firm is active in the Dutch litigation market with highly regarded partners Harm van der Heijden and Hans Hutter. Both represent Nokia as co-defendant of KPN in a dispute with Assia over DSL technology. They work with lawyers from Bird & Bird on the case. Thanks largely to these two patent attorneys, NLO has an outstanding reputation for providing technical support in litigation concerning mobile communications and electronics patents. When it comes to pharmaceuticals and biotechnology disputes, however, Mari Korsten is the firm’s figurehead. NLO’s position at the top of the Dutch patent market is not only due to litigation, however. The firm is also respected for its patent filing work. Its number of patent attorneys makes NLO one of the largest practices in the Netherlands. Furthermore, the firm boasts a strong share of international work before the EPO, where it files a large number of patents on behalf of Samsung and Baidu. NLO’s work is on a par with major patent attorney firms in Germany and the UK.


Patent disputes conducted by patent attorneys regarding mobile communication and pharmaceuticals. Patent prosecution, especially in electronics.

European strategy

The patent attorney firm has two offices in the Belgium cities of Ghent and Mechelen. Unlike large patent filing practices from the Netherlands and the UK, NLO forgoes an office in Munich, but files many electronics patents at the EPO for Samsung and Baidu.

Recommended individuals

Harm van der Heijden (“very impressive in telecommunication disputes”, competitor; digital communication and computer technology, electronics), Hans Hutter (“a safe pair of hands when supporting us in litigation”, competitor; digital communication and computer technology, electronics), Mari Korsten (“very experienced biotech expert with great skills in patent disputes”, competitor; pharma and biotechnology, chemistry)


34 patent attorneys


Full service in IP with a strong focus on patents. Patent prosecution concentrating on chemistry and pharma, life sciences, physics and engineering, telecommunications and software. Litigation together with external lawyers. IP advice, transaction support.


Litigation: Nokia (co-defendant of KPN) against Assia over DSL technology; Shire-NPS (defendant) against Accord in revocation claim regarding kidney disease drug Mimpara. Patent filing and oppositions: Samsung Electronics; various mobile phone companies in SEP cases. Patent filing: Allergan, Baidu, Carbion Biotech, Delta Electronics, Imec, Novo Nordisk, N.V. Nutricia (all public knowledge).


The Hague, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Ede