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Arnold & Siedsma – Netherlands 2020

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In this mixed IP firm, patent attorneys make up the majority of fee earners. It is renowned throughout Europe for its prosecution work in electronics, transport, biotechnology, mechanics, process and mechanical engineering. Some patent attorneys, such as Martin Luten, also have an excellent reputation for providing technical support in infringement and revocation proceedings before the Dutch patent courts. One example is the work for Nikon in an extensive battle with ASML over semiconductors, in which the firm worked with Freshfields and Hogan Lovells. The patent attorneys are also heavily involved in EPO disputes. Arnold & Siedsma has its own lawyers that work on soft IP issues, but who also handle small to midsized patent cases. For example, the firm represents Tobrix in a dispute over laser technology and an AV solutions provider in an infringement case without the help of external lawyers. However, the lawyers are not as visible as their counterparts at major Dutch litigation firms. Arnold & Siedsma nevertheless stands out among the strong patent prosecution firms with its mixed approach.


Litigation conducted by patent attorneys regarding pharmaceutical, electronic and mobile communication patents. Recommended patent prosecution practice.

European strategy

With two offices in Belgium (Brussels and Antwerp), a presence in Switzerland and an office close to the EPO and the Boards of Appeal in Munich, the firm is present in important European venues for patent prosecution. Even Paris is within close reach from its Brussels office. If the UPC is ever ready to start, Arnold & Siedsma would be in a good position to serve clients in important UPC locations.

Recommended individuals

Martin Luten (“extremly experienced patent attorney regarding litigation”, competitor; electronics, mechanics, process and mechanical engineering)


23 patent attorneys, 4 lawyers


Full service in IP with a strong focus on patents. Patent prosecution in a broad field of technologies, also EPO disputes and revocation cases. Infringement disputes partly with its own or external laywers.


Litigation: Nikon (claimant) against AMSL concerning semiconductor manufacturing technology; Tobrix (defendant) against Biolitec over laser technology; infringement disputes for a biotech company as well as an AV solutions provider and a provider of medication pouch packaging. Patent filing: Bio Materials, Boing, Samsung Electronics, Illumina, Opto Electronics (all public knowledge).


Amsterdam, The Hague, Breda, Enschede, Eindhoven, Leeuwarden, Nijmegen