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Michalski Hüttermann & Partner – Germany 2021

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This pure patent attorney firm is well positioned for litigation involving mechanics and electronics patents, as well as for EPO oppositions for biotech patents. Ulrich Storz still plays a prominent role as a strawman in disputes over CRISPR patents. Other patent attorneys conduct series of proceedings for Wilo (heat pumps), Claassen (floorings) and TK Elevators (lifts).

Moreover, the patent attorneys are firmly rooted among clients in the auto, pharma and telecoms industries through their prosecution work. Although the former suffered during the pandemic, the pharma and telecoms sectors profited, resulting in overall growth in the firm’s prosecution activity. Immatics entrusted the firm with a particularly large portfolio of biotech patents.

Consequently, the firm expanded its Düsseldorf head office with Cologne-based patent attorney Rolf Claessen, who is expected to advance to the partnership in the medium term. The chemicals specialist came from Freischem & Partner. The firm bolstered its Frankfurt office with a mechanical engineering expert from the industrial sector. Regular clients of the technically broad prosecution practice are entrusting the patent attorneys with more and more oppositions, nullity suits and infringement proceedings. This makes MHP one of the three heavyweight patent attorney firms in western Germany, along with Dompatent and Cohausz & Florack.


Prosecution with broad technical expertise. Litigation regarding biotech, electronics and software patents.

Recommended individuals

Uwe Albersmeyer, Aloys Hüttermann, Stefan Michalski (“well versed in strategic advice”, competitor), Guido Quiram, Dirk Schulz, Ulrich Storz (all patent attorneys)


23 patent attorneys


Clear focus on patent prosecution with strong focus on automotive, biotech, chemical and software patents. Sector focus on automotive. Opposition and nullity suits. Infringement proceedings with external lawyers. Employee invention law.


Litigation: strawman suit against CRISPR patent of Broad Institute in EPO opposition; Quantificare (claimant) against Canfield over 3D cameras for operations; Küberit (claimant) in employee invention dispute against former CEO; IT-IS (claimant) against Roche on entitlement action over measuring devices; Wilo (claimant) against Grundfos and other competitors in oppositions over heating pumps; Claassen (claimant and defendant) against competitors on flooring patents; TK Elevators (claimant and defendant) against competitors over elevators. Prosecution:filing and oppositions for ABB Power Grids, Acer, Claassen, Deutsche Post/DHL, Flender, Gigaset, Hengst, Heye, Immatics, Kiekert, Neosat, NTT, Phoenix Contact, Quanta Computer, TK Elevator, Umlaut, Via Alliance. Advice: Immactics on employee invention law; ABB Power Grids and Strautmann; advice including FTO analysis to Wilo; Claassen on licences.


Düsseldorf, Essen, Frankfurt, Munich