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Bosch Jehle – Germany 2021

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The patent attorneys at this well-positioned Munich IP firm enjoy a very good name for litigation involving mobile communications patents. On the technical side, they conduct extensive campaigns for NPEs, for example one very large series of proceedings for VoiceAge EVS against four mobile communications manufacturers over speech codecs. They also kick-started a further series of actions involving speech codecs for mobile telephones for CCC. The patent attorneys have thus carved out a strong reputation for SEP and FRAND proceedings for patent holders in recent years. Through these two cases, the patent attorneys now have a very strong relationship with the lawyers from Wildanger.

The mastermind behind past successes, name partner Matthias Bosch, left the firm. His younger partners Thomas Hell and Rudolf Reichold have long been familiar with the work and likewise enjoy excellent reputations. But they must now prove that they can replace the former name partner’s talent for acquisitions and steer the firm towards a secure future. The basis for this certainly exists, especially given the firm’s close ties to US companies.


Semiconductor and software patents, litigation involving mobile communications.

Recommended individuals

Thomas Hell (“very strong expertise, meticulously prepared and gets right to the point”, “rising star of the patent attorney scene” competitors), Rudolf Reichold (both patent attorneys)


8 patent attorneys

Partner moves

Matthias Bosch (left the legal profession)


Patent prosecution specialising in mechanics and IT and telecoms. Much litigation work in close cooperation with external litigators.


VoiceAge EVS (claimant) against HMD, Lenovo, Apple, Xiaomi and TCL (settled) over speech coding for mobile devices; Crystal Clear Codec (claimant) against Lenovo over speech coding for mobile devices; Maxell (claimant) against Apple over video coding and interfaces for multimedia (settled 2021); WiLan (claimant) against Sony over LTE patents; Rembrandt (claimant) against Apple over communication systems; D&M (defedant) against Philips over audio coding; Lavazza (claimant) against Sielaff over hot drink vending machines; Qioptiq (claimant) against Dürr over dental cameras. Prosecution:filing for Amazon, Allgaier, Britax Römer, Broadcom, BWF, Enevate, CycloTech, G3 Genuine Guide Gear, Lavazza, Netlist, Qioptiq/Excelitas.