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Ter Meer Steinmeister & Partner – Germany 2020

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This patent attorney firm is one of the very well-positioned prosecution outfits in Munich and works within a broad technical range. The firm stands out in the market for its extensive filing for the LG electronics and display divisions. This has earned it a good reputation for electronics patents, leading to work for many Asian companies, even outside of this segment. On the litigation side, however, the firm is not present in mobile communications. The second stand-out specialty is the chemicals and pharma practice, which focuses heavily on litigation. The firm frequently conducts nullity suits for Accord, Mylan, Hexal and 1A Pharma on the generics side. The team is also hired for infringement proceedings involving important drugs like Alimta, Inegy and Truvada. Like many firms, the dividing line in pharma work is blurring: Ter Meer looks after many generics manufacturers as well as originators, such as a Swiss pharma corporation.


Patent prosecution related to chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics; pharmaceuticals litigation.

Recommended individuals

Bernd Aechter (“extremely thorough preparation of the technical side in difficult chemicals cases”, competitor), Christian Hollatz (both patent attorneys)


17 patent attorneys


Activity in IP with a focus on technical protection rights related to chemicals/pharmaceuticals/biotech and medicine, automotive engineering/mechanics and electronics/telecoms. Patent filing, opposition and nullity suits. Infringement proceedings with external lawyers.


Litigation: Mylan Dura (defendant) against MSD over Inegy; Hexal (defendant) against Gilead over Truvada; Hexal and 1A Pharma (defendants) against Mundipharma over Targin; Accord (defendant) against Eli Lilly over pemetrexed; Aspen (claimant) against Nanotech over aerogels. Prosecution: filing for Doosan Heavy Industries, Hexal, LG, Mitsubishi, Koch Industries, Kolon Industries, Precitech, Shin-Etsu, Sekisui, Dr. Wolff Group (all public knowledge).


Munich, Bielefeld