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Peterreins Schley – Germany 2019

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Following the arrival of Adam in mid-2018, this mixed boutique had the right team to bring several NPE suits before German courts in quick succession. One example is its work for Innovative Foundry Technologies concerning connected cars. The NPE is accusing VW and Ford of infringing its patents in their infotainment modules. While Adam is not regarded as a designated mobile communications expert, his litigation experience raised the team’s profile in the market, which was already on a good footing with Peterreins and Schley. Up to now PS has been known for litigation in medical technology rather than NPE suits. For example, the firm conducted two intensive cases for Boston Scientific against Medtronic and Edwards Lifescience over artificial heart valves. PS also led a number of oppositions for Boston Scientific. The mass of litigation work often leads competitors to overlook the fact that PS also has a technically broad prosecution practice which conducts many oppositions and nullity suits.


Litigation involving medical technology, NPE suits in mobile communications.

Recommended individuals

Frank Peterreins, Jan-Malte Schley, Thomas Adam


8 patent attorneys, 3 lawyers (one of whom is dual qualified)


Besides trademarks and unfair competition, IP activity centres on patent prosecution and litigation. Contract drafting, licences and strategic advice.


Litigation: Boston Scientific against Edwards Lifesciences and Metronic over heart valves; Datascape against Apple over audio streaming; Innovative Foundry Technologies against VW, Ford over infotainment module in cars; Paker Vision against Apple and Intel over mobile communications; BIC Violex against MTC GmbH over razors; regularly for Airbus and Bose. Prosecution: filing and oppositions for Bose, BorgWarner, Dolby, iRobot, WiTricity; oppositions for Boston Scientific, Roche Diabetes Care. Advice: Juul on freedom-to-operate concerning e-cigarettes.