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Maikowski & Ninnemann – Germany 2019

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This patent attorney firm has not only a strong position among its clients in mobile communications litigation but is also one of the most strategically active prosecution outfits in the German market. M&N recently opened an office in Frankfurt with the aim of capturing more prosecution work from the Rhine-Main region, but also to be closer to the patent court in Mannheim, which plays an important role in mobile communication suits. The firm represents a long list of notable companies, including Apple, Google, HTC and Vodafone, mainly in defending against NPE suits. It is also active for LG in suits against mobile phone manufacturers. In such proceedings, M&N often works with best-friend firms. However, its ties to clients are becoming increasingly independent, which makes M&N less dependent on litigation firms that, like Hogan Lovells, integrate their own patent attorneys. The intensive litigation in the mobile communications sector stands in opposition to a prosecution practice with a broad technical range. The practice recently saw an uptick in work from medical technology companies. Pharma companies, on the other hand, play a secondary role. One drawback last year was that the good ties to the auto industry and the experience in mobile communications did not result in any connected cars work. This is because one of the most active plaintiffs here is Broadcom and while M&N does represent the chip manufacturer in a case, conflicts prevent the firm from representing Broadcom against the auto industry.


Litigation related to mobile communications. Technical expertise in telecoms, semiconductors and engineering.

European strategy

With its litigation experience and strong ties to law firms like Hoyng ROKH Monegier and Hogan Lovells, M&N has moved into position for advising on international disputes, including UPC proceedings. M&N also intensified connections to technology corporates like Google and LG to reduce its dependence on law firms as Hogan Lovells, for instance, which are integrating their own patent attorneys. Still, M&N also banks on a self-sufficient patent attorney practice and strengthened its patent filling work in medical technology so it is less dependent on other firms.

Recommended individuals

Gunnar Baumgärtel, Felix Gross, Ralf Emig (all patent attorneys)


19 patent attorneys


Strong focus on patent prosecution with broad technical expertise for predominantly midsized clients. Increasing work for medical technology manufacturers and international mobile phone manufacturers. Litigation mainly for international mobile communications companies.


Litigation: regularly for Broadcom; Vodafone against Intellectual Ventures; HTC against Philips, Fipa and Unwired Planet; LG against mobile phone manufacturers; Apple against NPE; Google against NPE on nullity suits (all over mobile communications); SolarEdge against Huawei over solar technology; Fitbit and Garmin against Philips over sports devices. Prosecution: filing and oppositions for Biotronik, Brose, Fresenius Karbi, Google, Infineon, Lenovo, LG, Phoenix Contact, Rolls Royce, Takata.


Berlin, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Munich