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Braun-Dullaeus Pannen Emmerling – Germany 2019

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A patent attorney firm specialising in patent litigation, almost exclusively active in mobile communications and electronics is something unusual in the German market. And yet it was with this strategy that this new firm (effectively a merger between two teams, one in Düsseldorf, one in Munich) has begun to take shape The two patent attorneys Braun-Dullaeus and Emmerling have an excellent reputation for litigation in mobile communication cases. They represent Deutsche Telekom and Huawei on a regular basis. Both clients are two of the most frequently sued companies by NPEs; they also work with other patent attorney firms. Emmerling is most often seen representing Huawei – not only in the key dispute with Unwired Planet before the Federal Court of Justice, but also against SolarEdge concerning photovoltaic patents. From the start the firm has been busy and has grown rapidly. Erdmann joined the outfit in mid-2019, bringing experience in electronics and mobile communications patents, as well as a specialty in medical technology – a field in which the firm has yet to maximise its potential.


Mobile communications suits.

Recommended individuals

Karl-Ulrich Braun-Dullaeus (“high success rate in nullity cases”, client), Friedrich Emmerling (“high profile in mobile communications”, competitor)


10 patent attorneys

Partner moves

Matthias Erdmann (from Betten & Resch)


Exclusively active in IP with a strong proportion of technical protection rights. More litigation work than prosecution. Also Litigation in soft IP.


Litigation: Huawei against SolarEdge over photovoltaics; Huawei against Unwired Planet and Conversant over mobile communications; Deutsche Telekom against Intellectual Ventures over mobile communications; Trekstore against E-Ink over e-reader displays. Prosecution: Conrade + Kaiser, Deutsche Telekom, Hochland, Huawei.


Munich, Düsseldorf