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Ampersand – Germany 2019

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This small IP boutique’s USP has been its flexibility as a patent litigation specialist, which means it has been well placed to represent NPEs in mobile communications suits, e.g. Unwired Planet. This positioning on the NPE side has remained strong, with the firm frequently representing these clients in new proceedings over the past year. Aside from such major cases, a growing number of innovative midsized German companies have been instructing the firm, especially for technically complex proceedings. The success of the firm over the past 8 years since its foundation allowed it to acquire a second partner and an associate who joined the team in 2018 with the result that the patent practice is much stronger than it was two years ago. The team around Haag now has the potential to sharpen the focus on its client base of midsized companies.


Litigation for NPEs regarding mobile communications.

European strategy

The nationally independent litigation boutique is well versed in operating in mixed teams from various firms, thanks to its litigation for NPEs in major proceedings. It is thus relatively independent of conflicts of interest and could continue to be the first choice for NPEs at the UPC. These clients are expected to use the new court intensively.

Recommended individuals

Hosea Haag (“extensive litigation experience”, competitor)


2 partners, 1 associate


Litigation firm with interfaces to pharmaceuticals advertising law and unfair competition as well as trademarks and technical protection rights.


Litigation: Cobham against CommScope; Unwired Planet against HTC and Huawei; Lux Lighting against Amazon (all over mobile communications); BlueID against Tapkey over locking systems; DAF Trucks against BPW Bergische Achsen over car brakes; Human Care Nederland against Beka-Hospitec over standing aids; IDnow against WebID Solutions over online identification; Wonderland against Cybex over children’s seats. Advice: Accord Healthcare, Schülke & Mayr on portfolio management.