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Taliens – Germany 2018

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Since early 2017, this spinoff of Olswang’s Paris and Munich lawyers has positioned itself as a European IP boutique with what competitors describe as a forward-looking international approach for a boutique. The outfit’s aim is to play in the arena for high-end, cross-border litigation. In Munich, the German team around Lynker quickly carved out a prominent position in the Munich market. And in Paris, its second most important office, Talens enjoys a good name for patent litigation. The German team was able to take former Olswang clients like ZTE and TCL with them. The initial success was also down to Lynker being able to quickly land new clients, e.g. Israeli company Orckit IP and a notable pharmaceuticals company. The team soon grew with an experienced associate from Allen & Overy and an of counsel from Infineon.


Mobile communications litigation.

European strategy

A spinoff with an international setup from the start is a first in the European patents market and seems logical with regard to the UPC. The concept is based on the strong positioning of the patents team around Jean-Frédéric Gaultier in France and Lynker in Munich as well as growing ties to ZTE, TCL and Boston Scientific. In Madrid, the firm works with the IP firm Bylos, as it did in its Olswang days. Recommended individuals:Dr. Thomas Lynker.


1 partner, 2 associates, 1 of counsel


Besides trademarks and unfair competition, IP work centers on patent litigation. Also contract drafting, licences and strategic advice.


Litigation: ZTE against Conversant; TCT/TCL against Intellectual Ventures and IP Bridge (all regarding mobile communications); ZTE against Siemens, Fraunhofer Society regarding video standard; Orckit IP concerning network technology.