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Maikowski & Ninnemann – Germany 2018

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From Berlin, this pure patent attorney firm operates a well-regarded prosecution practice for mostly Mittelstand clients, who were recently joined by some major international corporates like Google. But the firm’s hallmark is litigation in mobile communications patents on the industry side. All of the patent attorneys now provide litigation. Some, like Baumgärtel, boast vast experience with SEP suits and FRAND aspects for defendants. Work for HTC and Vodafone – always alongside external lawyers – is known throughout Germany. M&N broke new ground with its first litigation for LG and Google in NPE suits. Its deep roots among auto suppliers mean that the firm could also play a significant role in future proceedings involving connected cars.


Technical expertise in telecoms, semiconductors and engineering. Litigation related to telecoms.

European strategy

With its litigation experience and strong ties to law firms like Hoyng ROKH Monegier and Hogan Lovells, M&N has moved into position for UPC proceedings. M&N also intensified connections to other strong law firms to reduce its dependence on these two. Hogan Lovells, for instance, is integrating its own patent attorneys. M&N also banks on a self-sufficient patent attorney practice and increasing direct ties to technology corporates. Clients like Google and LG no longer stem from befriended firms alone.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Gunnar Baumgärtel, Prof. Dr. Felix Gross (both patent attorneys).


17 patent attorneys


Strong focus on patent prosecution with broad technical expertise for predominantly Mittelstand clients. Work frequently ranges from filing to litigation. Litigation mainly for international mobile communications companies.


Litigation: frequent activity for Broadcom; Vodafone against Intellectual Ventures; HTC against Philips, Fipa and Unwired Planet; LG against various NPEs (all regarding mobile communications); Vissmann concerning heating technology. Prosecution: filing and opposition suits for Brose, Fresenius Karbi, Google, Infineon, Lenovo, LG, Phoenix Contact, Rolls Royce, Takata.


Berlin, Leipzig, Munich