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Lorenz Seidler Gossel – Germany 2018

JUVE Comment

The patent prosecution team of this IP boutique is one of the most visible Munich outfits and files a large number of patents at the German Patent and Trademark Office. For its predominantly German client base the firm files a large number of priority applications, and European filing is also on the increase. One very important client is Liebherr – both for filing and litigation. Besides activity for many innovative Mittelstand companies, LSG’s work for a number of international corporates is visible in the market. The patent attorneys around Laufhütte also conduct infringement proceedings for regular clients. Pre-litigation advice is provided to the auto industry. The lawyers also master the field of patent litigation, as shown by major mobile communications proceedings for regular client O2/Telefónica. The combination of a strong client base in the auto industry and mobile communications know-how is a good basis for the hot topic of connected cars and more visibility in patents as a litigation firm.


Patent prosecution with technical expertise in engineering and mechanics. Litigation with mixed teams.

European strategy

With its mixed approach LSG has already taken care of one task when it comes to representing its clients before the UPC. But LSG chooses not to have its own international offices, unlike Bardehle or Grünecker. It did forge alliances with a French and a British firm two years ago, which it hopes to intensify as soon as the UPC is ready to launch.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Dieter Laufhütte.


9 patent attorneys, 2 lawyers


All-round IP activity with strong practice in trademarks and unfair competition. Patents activity centres on patent prosecution with a broad technical spectrum. Opposition and nullity suits and infringement proceedings.


Litigation: O2/Telefónica against Intellectual Ventures and Munitech regarding mobile communications (public knowledge); KSB concerning pump technology; Geox concerning shoe technology. Prosecution: filing and opposition suits for Faun, Fresenius Medical Care, Ford, Liebherr, Mazda and Pöttinger Landtechnik.