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König Szynka Tilmann von Renesse – Germany 2018

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Although this Düsseldorf patent attorney firm has a solid filing practice for a very loyal client base, it is best known for its outstanding litigation experience. Few other firms enjoy such a reputation for pharmaceuticals and biotech litigation. The firm is active in EPO opposition suits for a number of originators, e.g. AbbVie, while for others like Bayer it conducts high-profile infringement proceedings. The patent attorneys are increasingly coordinating international litigation strategies – a task generally performed by lawyers and therefore highlighting KSTR’s many direct company contacts. Litigation for ECC in the coffee capsule dispute against Nespresso drew much attention and underscores KSTR’s broad technical expertise.


Litigation by patent attorneys, often in cases of a precedent nature, primarily for biotech and pharmaceuticals companies; mechanics patents.

European strategy

Even without international cooperation and foreign offices, KSTR is excellently equipped for the UPC as its outstanding reputation for litigation in pharmaceuticals and mechanics patents secures many direct contacts in companies. KSTR also works with several law firms, of whom only Hogan Lovells is so far building up its own patent attorney team for litigation. But KSTR will have to keep an eye on the trend among law firms of establishing mixed litigation teams to protect its strong position.

Recommended individuals

Gregor König, Dr. Dirk Szynka, Max Tilmann, Dr. Dorothea von Renesse, Carla Roth (all patent attorneys).


14 patent attorneys


Exclusive activity in IP with a clear focus on patents. Prosecution with a broad technical spectrum. Extensive litigation work. Also patent assessments and licensing contracts.


Litigation: Bayer Pharma regarding drospirenone; Eli Lilly regarding Alimta; Ethical Coffee Company concerning coffee capsules; AbbVie, OrbusNeich and Qiagen in opposition suits. Prosecution: filing for Geberit, Hauff Technik, Orthogen, Paion, Qiagen, Tracto-Technik, Takeda, Osram (all public knowledge).


Düsseldorf, Munich