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Maikowski & Ninnemann – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

This highly recommended, pure patent attorney firm is developing both its prosecution and litigation activity in impressive fashion. M&N made the leap onto the Google panel and is now one of a few preferred practices alongside Betten & Resch implementing the corporate’s litigation-focused filing strategy in Europe. The patent attorneys were also very visible again in litigation on the industry side, for example for Apple against Nokia. This secures M&N’s position as one of the top names in Germany for mobile communications suits. The firm also boasts deep roots in the auto sector, which expects to see more lawsuits arising from mobile communications patents because of the trend towards connected cars.


Technical expertise in telecoms, semiconductors and engineering. Litigation related to telecoms.

European strategy

With its litigation experience and a host of good ties to law firms like Hoyng ROKH Monegier and Hogan Lovells, M&N is in position for UPC proceedings. But this strategy will come under pressure if its partner firms build up more of their own patent attorney expertise. M&N is attempting to hedge against this with its excellent litigation expertise, stand-alone patent attorney work and direct links to technology corporates.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Gunnar Baumgärtel, Prof. Dr. Felix Gross (both patent attorneys).


17 patent attorneys


All-round IP activity with a strong focus on patent prosecution and broad technical expertise. Work for clients stemming predominantly from the Mittelstand ranges from filing to litigation. 30 percent international clients.


Public knowledge: Apple against Nokia; Vodafone against Intellectual Ventures; HTC against Philips and Unwired Planet (all regarding mobile communications); all-round patents activity for: Brose, Google, Infineon, Fresenius Karbi, Lenovo, Thyssenkrupp, Phoenix Contact, Rolls-Royce, Takata.


Berlin, Leipzig, Munich