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Hoffmann Eitle – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

This mixed firm is among the leading names for patents and enjoys an exceptionally strong international position compared to other teams. In Germany, HE boasts one of the strongest prosecution teams there is as well as established litigation teams at the future UPC divisions Düsseldorf, Hamburg and Munich. The firm’s network of Japanese companies is almost legendary, and it has long operated a London office because of its strong pharma focus. HE bolstered its Milan and Madrid offices with foreign lawyers. But to fully bring this strength into play against the large law firms in the UPC system, HE will need to strengthen its litigation teams in Düsseldorf and London massively, as well as stepping up activity by lawyers in mobile communications suits: the lawyers are predominantly seen in pharmaceuticals proceedings; HE is only represented by its patent attorneys in mobile communications suits. But these proceedings are very high profile, e.g. work for Apple. As these companies only work with certain law firms, the strategy will only succeed if the firm brings in experienced laterals.


Patent prosecution and litigation with technical expertise in pharmaceuticals, telecoms, chemicals, food chemicals, mechanics and electronics.

European strategy

Like Grünecker and Bardehle, HE is banking on its independence for the UPC and is expanding across Europe by itself. With its own offices in London, Milan and Madrid, HE is a European heavyweight. Paris is the last blank space on the map.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Niels Hölder, Dr. Dirk Schüssler-Langeheine, Dr. Clemens Steins; patent attorneys: Dr. Thorsten Bausch, Dr. Leo Polz, Dr. Matthias Kindler, Dr. Peter Klusmann, Dr. Peter Schweighart, Dr. Joseph Taormino, Dr. Joachim Renken (“perfectly prepared and rigorous argumentation”, client).


75 patent attorneys, 10 lawyers


All-round IP activity. Around 75 percent of the practice is in patents, focusing on patent prosecution, with very broad technical expertise. Opposition and nullity suits and infringement proceedings as well as global litigation coordination. Trademarks and unfair competition.


Krka/Tad against Mundipharma regarding Targin; Apple, Asus and IP Bridge concerning mobile communications; Nikon against Carl Zeiss SMT regarding semiconductor technology; Bayer against BASF regarding herbicide; Panasonic regarding LED patents; frequent litigation for: Astellas, AstraZeneca, Boehringer Ingelheim, Lundbeck, NTT DoCoMo, Seiko Epson and Toshiba; filing for Mitsubishi, Seiko Epson.


Munich, Düsseldorf, Hamburg