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Hoeger Stellrecht & Partner – Germany 2017


JUVE Comment

A pure patent attorney firm, Hoeger is primarily respected for its solid filing practice. The innovative Mittelstand client base from the central Neckar region is provided with prosecution and strategic patent portfolio advice, as well as litigation in disputes. In these cases, the patent attorneys frequently call on lawyers from Düsseldorf or Munich firms. Unlike other pure patent attorney firms, HSP is not looking to increase litigation activity and is thus not particularly visible in this segment.


Patent prosecution for mechanics and medical technology patents.

Recommended individuals

Jürgen Beck, Dr. Thomas Regelmann.


11 patent attorneys


Patent filing for Mittelstand companies focusing on chemicals, mechanics and electronics patents. Opposition and nullity suits. Infringement proceedings with external lawyers.


Public knowledge: filing for Aesculap, Alfred Kärcher, Bitzer Kühlmaschinenbau, Blanco, Balluff, German Aerospace Center, Bielomatik.