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Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

The respected Düsseldorf litigation team of this full-service firm is visible in a series of proceedings involving highly specialized technologies for its Mittelstand clients – e.g. regarding biomass drying technology for EnerDry or modern surfaces for sporting facilities for Sisgrass. Major pharmaceuticals or mobile communications proceedings, on the other hand, are not a specialty of Horn’s small, yet hard-hitting team. To make itself more attractive for such proceedings, the team will need to grow significantly, which would raise its market visibility markedly.


Litigation for Mittelstand clients, frequently as defendants.

European strategy

As a member of the international WSL network, the patents team has a good basis for looking after Mittelstand clients in multinational proceedings once the UPC launches – provided that the partner firms remain loyal to the network.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Anton Horn.


1 equity partner, 1 salary partner, 2 associates


IP work focuses slightly more on trademarks and unfair competition than technical protection rights. Infringement and nullity suits, licensing contracts, know-how protection and transaction advice.


Echosens regarding diagnostic equipment; EnerDry concerning biomass drying system; Sisgrass regarding surfaces for sports facilities; Egger concerning floor panels.