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Hengeler Mueller – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

This recommended patent litigation team is very active in mobile communications proceedings for NPEs as Kellenter boasts strong connections to Munich lawyer Bernhard Frohwitter, the man behind the firm Frohwitter, but also behind IPCom and Fipa. The team has also worked for Sisvel for years. But HM can do more than NPE suits: with litigation for Saint-Gobain, General Electric and Piaggio it stepped up work for Hengeler-typical industrial clients within a broad technical spectrum. The firm has been accomplished in pharmaceuticals proceedings for years too, e.g. litigating for AstraZeneca. In terms of personnel development, the team still faces the old problem: when it comes to complex proceedings before the UPC it is far too small with just a single partner. But the current good development in work would allow the firm to develop a second patents partner.


Litigation for NPEs.

European strategy

As part of a nationally independent full-service firm, the patents team will struggle to tighten ties to experienced international patents teams for the UPC. Although it can rely on Hengeler’s best-friend firms like Bredin Prat and Slaughter & May, these rarely appear in patents. The Hengeler lawyers will thus have to win over clients for UPC cases with their own expertise.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Wolfgang Kellenter (“calm, prudent and quick thinking”, client).


1 partner, 3 counsel, 3 associates


All-round IP activity with a clear focus on patent litigation, incl. antitrust. Also strategic advice, assessment of technical protection rights and transactions.


Fipa against Sony, Samsung and LG; IPCom against Apple, HTC u. Nokia (all regarding mobile communications); Sisvel regarding TV patents; General Electric regarding laser technology; Saint-Gobain regarding paint spray technology; Piaggio concerning engine technology; frequent litigation for AstraZeneca and Brita.