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Grünecker – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

The major strength of this leading patents team is its exceptionally large prosecution practice with broad technical know-how. The practice filed an immense number of patents for its very international client base and can thus only continue to grow within existing client connections. Grünecker is therefore concentrating on developing litigation activity, and is making headway. Following litigation for Yahoo and Twitter, the patent attorneys positioned themselves on the side of Nokia in a high-profile mobile communications dispute. But the litigation team’s actual strength lies in classic electronics and mechanics patents. Grünecker has long operated with mixed teams, e.g. on the side of Beko regarding white goods. Work for Broadcom in a dispute with Sony over chips for games consoles highlights how well integrated the two groups are. Grünecker could tap further potential if it branches further into the pharmaceuticals sector, both in litigation and filing. This is a sector, however, where it faces tough competition in Hoffmann Eitle and Vossius. Experienced laterals are likely to be the only solution.


Patent prosecution and litigation related to electronics, mechanics and software.

European strategy

The firm wants to manage on its own at the UPC and has set a good stage for this with its mixed litigation team. The firm is also visible at the key court locations with its offices in Munich and Paris. But the lawyer litigation team will have to raise its partner headcount (currently only two) and think about a litigation team in Düsseldorf if it wants to pack a punch at the UPC.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Ulrich Blumenröder, (“highly recommendable”, client), Dr. Bernd Allekotte; patent attorneys: Martin Aufenanger, Hans Hilgers, Reinhard Knauer, Thomas Schuster, Dr. Heike Vogelsang-Wenke.


77 patent attorneys, 8 lawyers


All-round IP activity, incl. copyrights, trademarks and unfair competition. Clear focus on technical protection rights. Extensive prosecution practice with broad technical spectrum. Opposition and nullity suits and infringement proceedings.


Broadcom against Sony concerning storage chips in games consoles; Nokia against Apple; Twitter, Pinterest against TLI (both concerning mobile communications); Beko against Liebherr regarding refrigerators; Eurofilters regarding vacuum filters: Teleflex regarding catheters; public knowledge: filing for Harman Becker, Lear Corp., Microsoft, Nissan, Panasonic, Samsung, Yamaha, Xerox, Yahoo.


Munich, Berlin, Cologne