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DLA Piper – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

Gampp’s respected patent litigation team is an established player in Munich, mainly for mobile communications litigation. This is one of the reasons why it is increasingly benefiting from the good client connections of the strong US practice, for instance in advice to a US software manufacturer and Japanese auto manufacturer on potential infringement suits. But by no means is the team dependent on the US practice: it nurtures its own respectable connections, e.g. Robert Bosch. The team made huge strides in terms of growth in summer 2017. Renowned A&O counsel Cepl and an associate boosted the Cologne team, so it can also serve the Düsseldorf market now. Like Gampp, he boasts experience in mobile communications suits, but could also lend DLA more visibility in pharmaceuticals, a field that has not been very pronounced before now.

European strategy

With the strong US practice behind it, DLA is growing its European patents team. The arrivals in Cologne raise the importance of the German team within DLA’s well-positioned European patents group, which is esp. strong in Amsterdam and Paris. The London presence is in need of development.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Markus Gampp, Dr. Philipp Cepl.


3 partners, 5 associates


In IP, advice and litigation in trademarks and unfair competition and technical protection rights to an equal degree. Infringement and nullity suits with a broad technical spectrum, as well as transaction advice, R&D and licensing contracts. Advice on antitrust.


Robert Bosch against Mitsuba regarding auto accessories; Alpinestar concerning safety clothing; Versicherungskammer Bayern against Intellectual Ventures regarding IT system; Alpinestar against Dainese concerning motorcycle clothing; Merck in connection with European Commission’s Lundbeck decision (ECJ).