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Bosch Jehle – Germany 2017

JUVE Comment

This respected patent attorney firm in Munich is one of the most visible litigation outfits on the patent attorney side when it comes to mobile communications patents, incl. much litigation for Saint Lawrence and CCE. But reducing the firm to this activity alone would be a mistake, as it frequently litigates on the industry side as well, e.g. for Parkervision and ski bindings manufacturer G3. Apart from this, BJ operates a prosecution practice well regarded for IT and telecom patents.


Semiconductor and software patents, litigation involving mobile communications.

European strategy

Given its excellent contacts among US NPEs Acacia Research and Marathon, BJ could play a central role at the UPC early on. Thanks to close cooperation with Noerr, BJ laid the groundwork for UPC litigation at an early stage.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Matthias Bosch.


9 patent attorneys


IP work focuses largely on technical protection rights. Patent prosecution specializing on mechanics and IT/telecoms. Also pharmaceuticals. Much litigation work, incl. in close cooperation with Noerr.


Saint Lawrence against Motorola and Apple; Cellular Communication Equipment (CCE) against Apple (both regarding mobile communications); Parkervison against LG and Apple regarding switching technology; G3 Genuin Guide Gear concerning ski bindings; filing for Algeier, Broadcom and Britax Römer.