JUVE Patent

Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff – Germany 2016


This Munich patent attorney firm comes highly recommended for both filing and litigation and wins over international corporates on an impressive scale. Once again, Wuesthoff took over a large patent portfolio, this time for Colgate-Palmolive. The firm is also active in infringement proceedings for its regular clients with specialists like Thum and Katérle, as well as lawyers from Düsseldorf or Munich boutiques. Wuesthoff litigated for Novozymes concerning patents for lactose-free milk. To cope with the rise in work, the firm is developing organizational and technological strategies, e.g. an e-billing concept, but has yet to achieve the necessary staff growth.


Patent prosecution with technical expertise in mechanics, electronics and biotech. Plant variety protection.

Recommended individuals

Bernhard Thum, Axel Katérle, Dr. Axel von Hellfeld, Dr. Hendrik Wichmann (all patent attorneys).


30 patent attorneys


All-round IP activity with a clear focus on trademarks and unfair competition through its own lawyers. Patent prosecution with a broad technical spectrum. Nullity and opposition suits, infringement proceedings, generally with external litigators. Clients: numerous direct contacts to international companies.


Novozymes against DSM concerning lactose-free milk; litigation and filing for LG; litigation for Polymedicure in series of proceedings; SRAM regarding bicycle technology; ongoing activity for Valeo regarding car spare parts; prosecution and litigation for Airbus, Fanuc, Google, Olympus, Scania, Stryker.