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von Rohr – Germany 2016

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A respected, pure patent attorney firm which is one of the first stops for filing and litigation in the Ruhr Valley. The team frequently litigates for German Mittelstand companies with external lawyers. A number of patent attorneys, e.g. name partner von Rohr, enjoy a strong reputation for litigation work and are thus often called on for major suits. The firm also maintains a steady filing practice for engineering, electrical engineering, chemicals and life sciences patents and often adds new portfolios to its list, e.g. that of lab equipment manufacturer Retsch.


Electronics patents, litigation.

Recommended individuals

Hans von Rohr (patent attorney).


9 patent attorneys


Focus on patent filing in chemicals, life sciences and (electrical) engineering, as well as litigation for Mittelstand companies from the Ruhr Valley.


Public knowledge: filing for Boehringer Ingelheim, ELG Carbon Fibre, Brand concerning lab equipment, Retsch, Blücher regarding military clothing, Klosterfrau.