JUVE Patent

Samson & Partner – Germany 2016

JUVE Comment

This recommended, pure patent attorney firm underscored its outstanding position in mobile communications suits with an impressive list of litigation clients. Reducing S&P to one of the go-to advisors to Nokia or for former Nokia patents held by Microsoft would be a mistake. The firm is visible in all of today’s major proceedings, esp. for industrial clients. The fact that S&P is also active in the proceedings of NPEs Intellectual Ventures, TLI and IPCom for Deutsche Telekom, Apple and Microsoft is proof positive of its depth of activity and strong starting position for the UPC system. Success is also based on a healthy blend of excellent litigation expertise of individual lawyers and close ties in the industry and among selected law firms. However, the close connection to Hoyng ROKH Monegier highlights the risk of this setup, as the firm also has its own patent attorneys in Amsterdam. S&P would do well to strengthen connections to other European litigation firms.


Prosecution and litigation related to electronics, software, IT and mechanics.

Recommended individuals

Michael Turi, Dr. Wolfgang Lippich, Friedrich von Samson-Himmelstjerna, Dr. Tobias Stammberger (all patent attorneys).


16 patent attorneys


Active exclusively in IP. Strong focus on technical protection rights. 50 percent patent filing with a broad technical spectrum, 50 percent disputes: opposition and nullity suits and infringement proceedings, the latter exclusively with external lawyers.


Deutsche Telekom against Intellectual Ventures; Nokia against KPN; Microsoft against IPCom; Apple against OpenTV and TLI (all regarding mobile communications); public knowledge: Everlight regarding LED lights; filing for Amadeus, Heckler & Koch, Vestas.