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Olswang – Germany 2016

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With great ambition, this British firm built a pan-European practice with the UPC launch in mind, incl. a German team respected for patents. The delay in the UPC caused by Brexit put a damper on this process. Nonetheless, the German patents practice is flourishing with its mixed approach. Olswang worked in NPE suits related to mobile communications patents for Facebook, ZTE and TCT among others. The firm thus emerged as an alternative to the practices established in NPE suits on the defendant side and as an intervener representative. The strong position enjoyed by the prosecution practice in IT and telecoms patents thanks to litigation for Microsoft and Qualcomm was already evident before this. When it comes to pharmaceuticals patents, the German team has yet to exhaust the potential offered by its preeminent London office.


Prosecution and litigation for mobile communications.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Thomas Lynker.


5 lawyers, 3 patent attorneys


IP activity focuses on technical protection rights. Much litigation work with mixed teams. Patent prosecution with technical specialties in pharmaceuticals, mechanics and telecoms patents.


Facebook against TLI, ZTE against SLC and TCT against IP Bridge and Intellectual Ventures (all regarding mobile communications); patent prosecution for Qualcomm and Microsoft.