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This leading firm in patents boasts a well-positioned prosecution practice with a multitude of industrial German clients as well as international contacts, esp. in Asia. These are the basis for the impressive development seen by the litigation team around Wuttke, which is involved in practically all proceedings for regular clients and also boasts a client portfolio (e.g. DTAG) independent from the patent attorneys’ contacts. One positive development is how the lawyers and patent attorneys now work in closer cooperation than those of some competitors.


Patent prosecution with technical expertise in chemicals and engineering. Litigation.

Development potential

A consistent, mixed approach and a presence in the UK make the firm well equipped for the UPC system. The litigation team will have to grow if it hopes to be a candidate for larger proceedings. An additional partner would also help to raise the firm’s visibility in pharmaceuticals suits.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Tobias Wuttke; patent attorneys: Dr. Eugen Popp, Kay Rupprecht.


53 patent attorneys, 8 lawyers


All-round IP activity, predominantly for Mittelstand companies. Around 50 percent of work is in patents with a clear focus on patent prosecution: filing with broad technical expertise. Nullity and opposition suits and patent infringement proceedings. Employee invention law. The other 50 percent of work is accounted for by trademarks and unfair competition.


Deutsche Telekom regarding mobile communications patents; Cybex regarding child seats; Greif concerning industrial seals. Public knowledge: filing for Facebook, Electrolux, ITW, Johnson Controls, Mammut Sports, Pioneer, Villeroy & Boch.