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Hoyng ROKH Monegier – Germany 2016

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This firm sets the benchmark in the German patents market and is among the leading patent litigation practices, not only because of the large number of partners visible in the market. Just how early on the German half of the firm (Reimann Osterrieth, ROKH) got set for the UPC system was seen in its merger with Hoyng Monegier to form one of Europe’s largest IP litigation outfits. This year, both parts pressed ahead with integration under the new umbrella brand, but are still avoiding full financial integration. By launching in Munich, the firm took the next logical step. Even before this, the lawyers were increasingly appearing before the Munich courts. With its European offices, the new firm is represented in the potentially important UPC cities like no other IP boutique. This is putting the pressure on German patent attorney firms – of which no small number work in cooperation with Hoyng ROKH Monegier. The German lawyers will be able to draw on the technical expertise of Hoyng Monegier in Amsterdam in the future, but in Germany they intend to continue partnering with selected patent attorneys with litigation experience. The basis for this forward-looking development is a vast presence in proceedings in various technical fields. Given this strong setup, the German team, which is dominated by visible litigators, took name partner Reimann’s move to of counsel status in its stride.


Litigation specializing in pharmaceuticals, electronics and telecoms patents.

Recommended individuals

Prof. Dr. Christian Osterrieth, Klaus Haft, Dr. Martin Köhler, Kay Kasper, Dr. Christine Kanz, Dr. Mirko Weinert, Dr. Tobias Hahn, Dr. Thomas Reimann.


9 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 9 associates, 1 of counsel


All-round activity in IP focusing on patent infringement proceedings and nullity suits. Also licenses, R&D cooperations and transaction advice. Trademarks and unfair competition. Strong international client base.


Public knowledge: Deutsche Telekom against SLC and Intellectual Ventures, Samsung against Unwired Planet (all regarding mobile communications patents; Gilead regarding hepatitis C drug Sovaldi; frequent litigation for Carl Zeiss, Energizer, Nokia, Teva, US chip manufacturer, US and French pharmaceuticals corporate.


Düsseldorf, Mannheim, Munich