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df-mp Dörries Frank-Molnia & Pohlman – Germany 2016

JUVE Comment

A respected patent attorney firm which opts for extensive litigation work, in addition to renowned prosecution activity. The patent attorneys are known for their wealth of litigation experience. Molnia was very visible for Unwired Planet again in one of Germany’s major NPE suits. The pharmaceuticals/biotech team was also extremely busy in litigation, e.g. in opposition suits for Teva. But by no means does df-mp focus on NPEs and generics companies alone, as shown by extensive litigation for Biogen, Qiagen, Lonza and Toll Collect. With an approach geared clearly towards litigation, df-mp should make a good partner for European firms for the possible UPC launch.


Prosecution and litigation for pharmaceuticals and telecoms patents.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Hans Dörries, David Molnia.


19 patent attorneys


Patent prosecution with clear specialties in pharmaceuticals/medical technology and electronics/telecoms. Extensive activity in opposition and nullity suits and infringement proceedings.


Mobile communications litigation for Unwired Planet and IPCom; Hexal against AstraZeneca regarding Fulvestrand; Biogen concerning Tecfidera; Teva concerning Ritonavir; opposition and nullity suits for Maylan, Lonza and Toll Collect; filing for Amgen, Biogen, Ebay, Krones.