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CMS Hasche Sigle – Germany 2016

JUVE Comment

This firm recommended for litigation in patents switched up a gear. CMS’ continuous development is rooted in frequent litigation for innovative German Mittelstand companies, like Leifheit or Erbe. The German practice generated higher end work by stepping up interoffice cooperation and coordination with the other CMS network firms in preparation for the upcoming UPC. One example is the global advice to Cooper Standard on patent issues. CMS also litigates for Acon Laboratories and Elmos Semiconductors on a cross-border basis. The auto sector is developing strongly, alongside a traditional life sciences specialty. However, compared to those at the top of the market, the German team lacks constant visibility in the major series of proceedings.


Litigation with a broad technical spectrum.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Matthias Eck.


8 partners, 24 associates


Large IP group focusing on trademarks and unfair competition as well as patents, esp. litigation and advice on R&D cooperation and licenses. Strong focus on the biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical products and mechanics sectors.


Syngenta Participations regarding pesticides; Nanya concerning semiconductor patents; Kienle & Spiess regarding wind turbines; litigation for and advice on global patent strategy to Cooper; frequent litigation for Acon Laboratories, Erbe, Elmos Semiconductors, Fein, Leifheit, Roche Diagnostics, Stanley Black & Decker, Trumpf.


Stuttgart, Düsseldorf, Hamburg