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Bosch Jehle – Germany 2016

JUVE Comment

A respected patent attorney firm in Munich which has a small prosecution practice that is very visible in IT and telecom patents. The firm was esp. visible in the major mobile communications proceedings, e.g. for Saint Lawrence and TLI. With these clients, the firm clearly positions itself on the side of NPEs; it also boasts excellent contacts to US NPEs Acacia Research and Marathon. The patent attorneys often litigate for industrial companies as well. With its highly visible litigation activity and close cooperation with Noerr’s patents practice, BJ is already in position for the upcoming European patent system.


Semiconductor and software patents, litigation involving mobile communications.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Matthias Bosch.


10 patent attorneys


IP work focuses largely on technical protection rights. Patent prosecution specializing on pharmaceuticals, mechanics and IT/telecoms. Much litigation work, incl. in close cooperation with Noerr.


Saint Lawrence against DTAG, Vodafone and LG; TLI against Apple, Facebook, Google (both regarding mobile communications); Medtech against Sam Medical regarding medical technology; litigation for ski bindings manufacturer; filing for Broadcom and Brita (both public knowledge).