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Arnold Ruess – Germany 2016

JUVE Comment

The considerable growth in the headcount at this litigation firm highly recommended in patents reflects its great visibility in mobile communications and pharmaceuticals proceedings. In mobile communications, AR positioned itself on the side of NPEs, with clients Sisvel and Max Sound, but is also active on the industry side for Nokia and a Scandinavian network equipment provider. The firm is also present in the high-profile pharmaceuticals proceedings for Forward Pharma (Tecfidera) and Sandoz (Pregabalin). AR is reviving the coffee capsule dispute, in which it celebrated a major win for ECC in 2013. AR thus need not fear the upcoming UPC system, esp. as the arrival of a counsel from Krieger Mes and two associates means it now has the clout to handle more large-scale proceedings. Its independent position in Düsseldorf and the excellent international expertise of its partners should also make AR attractive to similar European or US litigation firms as a cooperation or merger partner.


Litigation concerning pharmaceuticals, medical technology and mobile communications patents.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Bernhard Arnold, Cordula Schumacher (“highly motivated, always available, strategic understanding”, client), Dr. Arno Riße.


2 partners, 2 counsel, 4 associates


Exclusive activity in IP with a strong focus on patent litigation and trademarks and unfair competition.


Nokia, Alcatel Lucent and Adtran against Intellectual Ventures; Sisvel against Haier, ZTE (all regarding mobile communications); Forward Pharma concerning Tecfidera; Sandoz concerning Pregabalin; Glatz regarding cigarette paper; OrbusNeich concerning stents; Ethical Coffee Company (ECC) concerning coffee capsules.