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Ampersand – Germany 2016

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In patents, lone fighter Haag is respected for his litigation work. He is currently visible in various ongoing series of proceedings, e.g. for Unwired Planet, thus focusing on litigation for NPEs. To score success in the long term, the partner-centric Munich boutique needs a suitable growth strategy. This would also make Ampersand an interesting partner for other European firms with Haag’s experience in major proceedings, for instance when the UPC system comes into effect.


Litigation for NPEs.

Recommended individuals

Hosea Haag (“outstanding technical knowledge and business approach”, competitor).


1 Partner


The firm specializes in pharma advertising and unfair competition as well as trademarks and technical protection rights, predominately litigation.


Unwired Planet against Samsung, Huawei regarding mobile communications; Synchronicity against auto manufacturer regarding emergency call system; litigation for BMC Medical, Schrader and Vestel.