JUVE Patent

Wuesthoff & Wuesthoff – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

A Munich-based patent attorney firm which is highly recommended for both filing and litigation. After an extensive selection process, the firm made it onto the Google panel, for which it now files patents. The firm’s visibility stems increasingly from litigation in the life sciences sector, where it works as part of an international team. The firm will need to find a suitable growth strategy to continue coping with the high workload. If it manages to do so, some of its patent attorneys, e.g. Katérle, may be candidates as litigation specialists in the major proceedings expected at the UPC.


Patent prosecution with technical expertise in mechanics, electronics and biotech. Plant variety protection.

Recommended individuals

Bernhard Thum, Axel Katérle, Dr. Axel von Hellfeld, Dr. Hendrik Wichmann (all patent attorneys).


30 patent attorneys


All-round IP activity with a clear focus on trademarks and unfair competition through its own lawyers and on patent prosecution with a broad technical spectrum. Nullity and opposition suits, infringement proceedings. Clients: numerous direct contacts to international companies.


Litigation and filing for LG Electronics; litigation for Polymedicure in series of proceedings; SRAM regarding bicycle components; Valeo against Mitsubishi Electric; patent filing, opposition suits and infringement proceedings for Olympus, Airbus, Scania, Fanuc; patent filing for Google.