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Ter Meer Steinmeister & Partner – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

The patent attorneys at this respected IP firm underscored their reputation for chemicals and pharmaceuticals patents with work for Hexal in two high-profile suits. The patent attorneys are esp. visible in infringement proceedings and nullity suits on behalf of generics companies, as well as filing patents and conducting official proceedings in a variety of sectors. The second practice specialty is electronics patents, of which it files many for Asian corporates like LG.


Patent prosecution and litigation related to chemicals, pharmaceuticals and electronics.


15 patent attorneys


Activity in IP with a focus on technical protection rights related to chemicals/pharmaceuticals/medical and biotech, automotive engineering/mechanics and electronics/telecoms. Patent filing, opposition and nullity suits. Infringement proceedings with external lawyers.


Hexal and Accord concerning Seroquel and against Bayer concerning Yas/Yasmin; filing for Doosan Heavy Industries, Hexal, LG Group, Mitsubishi, Ratiopharm.


Munich, Bielefeld