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Noerr – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

A Munich team respected for its patent litigation work which continued along its path towards nationwide visibility. This mainly involves litigation for NPEs like TLI in mobile communications suits and for MedTech regarding medical technology, both of which clients are owned by Marathon Group. In most suits, Noerr’s lawyers appear with patent attorneys from cooperation partner Bosch Jehle. Litigation for NPEs accounts for a good 60% of litigation work, while the rest is for industrial companies, e.g. two major German auto manufacturers, which Noerr advises on strategic projects and licensing contracts. The team grew once more, with a salary partner experienced in mobile communications suits from Bardehle.


Litigation for NPEs, esp. in mobile communications.

Recommended individuals

Dr. Ralph Nack.


2 equity partners, 2 salary partners, 4 associates


All-round IP activity with a clear focus on patent litigation. Specialties in contract drafting, licenses, strategic advice and transactions. Close cooperation with Bosch Jehle patent attorneys.


MedTech concerning medical technology; TLI Communications regarding image memory procedure; Bridgestone regarding tire pressure monitoring systems; German auto manufacturer on licensing system.