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Krieger Mes Graf v. der Groeben – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

KM’s standing as one of the leading German litigation firms is in no danger, as the firm is said to have an exceptionally strong influence at the important court venue of Düsseldorf. It boasts a reputation for handling the most cases of all German litigation firms, thanks to its excellent connections to the German Mittelstand and to patent attorneys. The firm often litigates for Classen, Benteler or ITW. At the same time, it appears on the side of NPE France Brevets in major mobile communications suits. The firm also stepped up its involvement in pharmaceuticals proceedings, e.g. for Microbix and Janssen Cilag, though other Düsseldorf litigation teams are still more visible in this field.


Infringement proceedings, esp. in Düsseldorf and related to telecoms and software. Litigation for NPEs. Employee invention law.

Development potential

When companies conduct litigation with large teams, KM is not given a chance as often as competitors Hogan Lovells and ROKH. The partner-focused approach holds it back. In addition, mergers like Hoyng ROKH Monegier are reducing the pool of top-class cooperation partners and, with it, the firm’s chance of enjoying a slice of the central proceedings under the UPC regime. But KM rules out a pan-European merger. At the UPC, it will thus have to rely on the excellent reputations of individual lawyers, but only Verhauwen and Bühling enjoy such reputations at present.

Recommended individuals

Prof. Dr. Peter Mes, Axel Verhauwen, Dr. Jochen Bühling, Gereon Rother, Dr. Michael Bergermann.


8 partners, 4 associates


All-round IP activity with a clear focus on patent litigation. Employee invention law. Also litigation in trademarks and unfair competition.


France Brevets regarding NFT patents; Ansaldo in arbitration regarding plant construction; Medtronic regarding stents; Janssen Cilag against Abbvie concerning blockbuster; Microbix against Novartis concerning vaccine; frequent litigation for Classen, Melitta/Swirl, Benteler, ITW.