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Klaka – Germany 2015

JUVE Comment

With the UPC approaching, this traditional boutique highly recommended for patent litigation is gradually parting ways with its partner-centric approach, so as to respond to the increasingly complex proceedings with larger teams. The Düsseldorf office is litigating in these to an ever greater degree and grew with an associate as a result. The partners from Munich and Düsseldorf often worked together on an interoffice basis before this. Work for 3M shows how well Klaka is established in Düsseldorf now, as the company worked with a local firm for a long time. Following successful litigation for ZTE against Smartphone Technologies, Giebe has been unable to build on his presence in mobile communications suits of late.


Litigation related to pharmaceuticals and mechanics.

Development potential

Thanks to its presence at the two key courts, Munich and Düsseldorf, Klaka is more broadly positioned for the UPC than some other Düsseldorf litigation boutiques. But Klaka will have to consolidate ties to European partner firms to protect its options for strategic alliances, and the pool of potential foreign cooperation partners is small. Here too, Klaka competes with other German litigation firms.

Recommended individuals

Olaf Giebe, Dr. Michael Nieder, Dr. Wolfgang Götz, Dr. Stefan Eck.


5 partners, 1 associate


Strong focus on patent law, exclusively litigation and advice. Also trademarks and unfair competition. Solid connections to corporates and German patent attorneys.


ZTE regarding mobile communications patent; Sram regarding bicycle components (up to Federal Court of Justice (Bundesgerichtshof)); 3M concerning dental technology and spray pistols; Tyco Fire & Security regarding security technology; Fischerwerke concerning fixing devices; Big Ben regarding computer games; AVM regarding telecoms technology.


Düsseldorf, Munich